The LinkedIn Optimisation Challenge

On LinkedIn but not sure what to do? Not sure what to post and how? Want to know how to get an engaging profile?

This challenge will make you think what your challenges are and how my help can

demystify the platform for you

Why LinkedIn is so important during these times?

Have you started planning your social media marketing activity yet?

Are you wondering if LinkedIn should be a part of your strategy? 

LinkedIn is not just a professional networking platform, it has now grown to become a place to find valuable content.

LinkedIn is now used by millions of professionals worldwide, not only to build professional connections but also to look for content that helps them upgrade their business and personal development.

They also are creating leads and closing big deals.

LinkedIn, therefore, should be a part of your marketing strategy.

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What does your profile say about you?

It’s so important to make a good first impression, but all too often LinkedIn profiles are set up quickly and never revisited.

Your profile needs to be so much more than a cut and paste version of your about us page.

Not spending time completing and updating LinkedIn is a huge mistake, but it’s made by so many people.

Would you turn up to a business meeting looking like you just rolled out of bed?

What does the 6 days look like?

Day #1: Optimise your LinkedIn Banner

Day #2: Create an engaging headline

Day #3: About and featured sections

Day #4: Write a far reaching post

Day #5: Post a highly engaging and searchable article


Your Instructor - Tony Silver

Creator of the LinkedIn Profile Audit (LIPA) that generates qualified targeted leads, builds new relationships and generates more sales, and author of "Little Book of LinkedIn", Tony K Silver, the founder of Solid Silver Solutions is the main driving force and the person who heads the delivery of the key services.

Tony is the go to guy for LinkedIn. He has taken the time to understand the algorithm so he can deliver successful results for his clients, such as a 500% engagement increase in week 1 & a 88% increase sales in year 1.


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Learn how to create a red hot LinkedIn Profile.

This FREE challenge will ensure you have an All Star profile, that will support you and your business.

Follow the daily tasks and this time next week you could have more profile views and find more opportunities to help grow your business.

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